Doc / Reports / Stats


You can open directly this documentation from Python by calling the function doc of the package:

>>> autolab.doc()
>>> autolab doc

Bugs & suggestions reports

If you encounter some problems or bugs, or if you have any suggestion to improve this package, or one of its driver, please open an Issue on the GitHub page of this project

You can also directly call the function report of the package, which will open this page in your web browser:

>>> autolab report

Alternatively, you can send an email to the authors (see About).

Statistics of use

At startup, Autolab is configured to send only once a completely anonymous signal (sha256 hashed ID) over internet for statistics of use. This helps the authors to have a better understanding of how the package is used worldwide. No personal data is transmitted during this process. Also, this is done in background, with no impact on the performance of Autolab. You can manage the state of this feature in Autolab through these functions:

>>> autolab.set_stats_enabled(True/False)
>>> state = autolab.is_stats_enabled()
>>> autolab stats -e/-d
>>> autolab stats -q