This package is working on Python version 3.6+.

  • On Windows, we recommend to install Python through the distribution Anaconda:
  • On older versions of Windows (before Windows 7), we recommend to install Python manually:
  • On Linux, we recommend to install Python through the apt-get command.

Additional required packages (installed automatically with Autolab):

  • numpy
  • pandas
  • pyvisa
  • python-vxi11

Autolab package

This project is hosted in the global python repository PyPi at the following address : To install the Autolab python package on your computer, we then advice you to use the Python package manager pip in a Python environnement:

pip install autolab

If the package is already installed, you can check the current version installed and upgrade it to the last official version with the following commands:

pip show autolab
pip install autolab --upgrade

Import the Autolab package in a Python shell to check that the installation is correct.

>>> import autolab

PyQt5 for the GUI

The GUI requires the package PyQt5. But depending if you are using Anaconda or not, the installation is different:

With Anaconda:

conda install pyqt


pip install pyqt5

Development version

You can install the latest development version (at your own risk) directly form GitHub:

pip install